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Welcome to Broadleaf!

So, Broadleaf sells hardware and software, right?

We get asked that a lot. The answer is, Yes-ish.

The truth is, we’re much more than a typical reseller. Broadleaf is a team of digital gurus, innovators and tech-superstars all under one roof. Or, more modestly, you can think of Broadleaf as a Hybrid. A value added reseller, system Integrator and consultancy hybrid, that helps organizations effectively manage their data assets with products and services for; storage, protection, availability, recovery, virtualization and collaboration. Although, we must admit digital gurus, innovators, and tech-superstars sounds pretty cool!

Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of storage consolidation, data protection, WAN optimization, disaster recovery and virtualization technologies. We also provide software, design, implementation, knowledge transfer and on-going services based on each of our client’s needs and goals. We use a process-oriented approach to create a successful solution according to the scope of each clients needs, ranging from; providing technology, all the way to full architecture design, implementation and of course ongoing support services.

Sounds great, right? The best part is that Broadleaf can deliver a fiscally conscious solution that fits your budget, because we have everything, and everyone you need, right here.



NetAppNetApp offers a unified storage
architecture- a single platform for
diverse applications and workloads
- providing customers with an efficient
and flexible infrastructure. Data
ONTAP, the NetApp core operating
architecture, is utilized for all storage
protocols: fibre channel, IP SAN (iSCSI) and NAS
(NFS, CIFS) allowing for one virtualized storage
pool for Unix, Windows and Linux.

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Nimble StorageNimble Storage provides
hybrid storage arrays
that are engineered
from the ground up for
maximum efficiency. Nimble Storage products
integrate the exceptional performance of flash
with the favourable economics of high-capacity
disk drives. Hybrid systems use the flash storage
for processing and analysing data that is in
active use,while leaving lower priority information
in longer-term disk storage. Nimble Storage
eliminates the compromise between performance,
capacity and data management.

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SimplivitySimpliVity’s OmniCube,
the industry’s first truly
assimilated IT building
block for virtualized
environments, combines a full rack’s worth of
traditional server, storage, backup, deduplicating,
WAN acceleration and other specialtydata
management appliances and software into an
assimilated 2U package.

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