Fifty-three percent of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before they experience a significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact, according to the “ESG Research Review Data Protection Survey” from Enterprise Strategy Group.

You may be able to withstand more than an hour of downtime, however, this much is clear; there is a point for every company or organization at which downtime will have a serious negative business and financial impact.  The key to designing an effective Disaster Recovery Plan is to determine your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) that both protects your business and fits your budget.

That is where Broadleaf Services can help.

Broadleaf has been working with customers across a multitude of industries to design and implement data protection and disaster recovery strategies.  We know that disaster recovery requirements are as diverse as our customer base.  There is no one approach that fits all.  Our team of disaster recovery experts will work with you to ensure your plan meets your established recovery objectives.

The great news is that, today, there are more options for disaster recovery than ever before.  Whether your RTO is one hour, one day or one week, Broadleaf can provide a solution that meets your recovery needs.

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