No business is too small to be hacked.

There was a time when hackers and other threat actors almost exclusively focused their attention on major corporations.  It made sense.  Large corporations had vast amounts of data and gaining access to that data could be a very lucrative venture.

Times have changed.  Today, every business, and in fact every individual needs to be concerned about cyber security.  Data theft and data corruption can devastate a business of any size.  Threat actors have come to the realization that while a large company represents a big target, smaller companies do not have the same level of resources to invest in measure to protect themselves against today’s tech-savvy attack strategies employed by cyber criminals.

The good news is that strengthening security can be inexpensive and effective.  Broadleaf Services takes a multi-level approach to IT security by deploying cloud based, perimeter and end point security tools. We not only deploy the tools but also monitor and manage the entire IT Security infrastructure.  Our NOC team will monitor and manage security patching and anti-virus programs to ensure your systems and data are protected against even the most recent malicious threats.

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