Here are good questions to ask any IT Service provider about how they handle customer service, maintenance of your network, their technical expertise and their  support policies and process.

Customer Service:

Q1: Do they answer their phones live or do you always have to leave a voice mail and wait for someone to call you back?

Q2: Do they have a written, guaranteed response time to your calls?

 Q3: Do they have a plan to still meet service level agreements when your business grows or their business grows?

Q4: Do they take the time to explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms that you can understand?

Q5: Do they consistently (and proactively) offer new ways to improve your network’s performance, or do they wait until you have a problem to make recommendations?

Q6: Do they provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?

Q7: Do they guarantee to complete projects on time and on budget?

Maintenance Of Your Network:

Q8: Do they insist on remotely monitoring your network 24-7-365 to keep critical security settings, virus definitions and security patches up-to-date and PREVENT problems from turning into downtime, viruses, lost data and other issues?

Q9: Do they provide you with a monthly report that shows all the updates, security patches and the status of every machine on your network so you know for SURE your systems have been secured and updated?

Q10: Is it standard procedure for them to provide you with access to written network documentation detailing what software licenses you own, critical passwords, user information, hardware inventory, etc., ?

Q11: Do they have other technicians on staff that are familiar with your network in case your regular technician goes on vacation or gets sick?

 Technical Expertise And Support:

Q12: Is their help desk US-based or outsourced to an overseas company?

Q13: Do their technicians maintain current vendor certifications and participate in ongoing training?

Q14: Are they familiar with (and can they support) your unique line-of-business applications?

Q15: When something goes wrong with your Internet service, phone systems, printers or other IT services, do they own the problem or do they say, “That’s not our problem to fix”?

Q16: Does your provider have a detailed, documented onboarding process for bringing on new clients?

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