26 May 2017

Resiliency and Availability Replace Disaster Recovery as the Expectation

Because of the increase in expectations from customers and employees, the business is changing their expectations of IT. The business needs its BC/DR sights set on maintaining availability over just having the ability to recover. “The digital transformation has changed the conversation for IT when it comes to keeping the business operational….It’s no longer about […]

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18 May 2017

Employee Handbook- IT Security Do’s and Dont’s

Do your employees need more training about security? Does your employee handbook adequately cover IT security? We know the importance of IT security. But even with the best, most sophisticated security tools, organizations aren’t completely safe if they don’t train their employees on proper Internet usage and how to recognize threats and scams. Most data breaches […]

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16 May 2017

Patching Problems Make You WannaCry?

The havoc caused by recent major ransomware attacks serves as a stark reminder that applying security patches quickly and efficiently is critical. Sometimes patches are delayed due to concern about disrupting critical systems but often it is simply because organizations lack a comprehensive, verifiable patch management strategy. Unpatched software is a top reason why computers get […]

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1 May 2017

Remote, Monitoring & Management (RMM), Help Desk, and Security Services- Our partnership with you in the on-boarding process

While Managed Services are now an everyday part of protecting your network and supplementing the work of your IT staff, we still occasionally encounter a bit of nervousness from clients who aren’t sure what to expect with the on-boarding process. How do you make sure nothing is overlooked? To alleviate any concerns, we felt it […]

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