29 September 2017

Perspective – An Important Tool for Expertise

During a recent conversation I had with a physician about “Google searches”, he commented that when patients do a search of their symptoms they likely overreact or underreact to the list of diagnoses they have uncovered. He noted that they lack the perspective he has from years of training and practice to know which scenarios […]

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21 September 2017

One Man’s Education and Opinion About Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for Small to Midsize Businesses

Mike Smith, President of AeroCom, Inc. didn’t think DRaaS was a good fit for small to midsize businesses until he did his own research which dispelled two myths he previously believed: DRaaS is expensive and all DRaaS services are similar. We are sharing highlights of his findings which were published in Network World. For a […]

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19 September 2017

Feeling vulnerable? Protect. Detect. Recover.

2017 is the year that most of us have come to more fully understand that data and networks are vulnerable to all sorts of risks. Businesses have been plagued by Cryptolocker, Petya and NotPetya to name a few of the widespread breaches this year. Consumers are currently fearful about their personal data because of the […]

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