Late in 2016, we published a post to help you think about your goals for 2017. We know that most businesses have more goals than they have the time or budget for and thus must prioritize each year. As we approach Q4, here is a list to help you consider what you still need to accomplish.

Monitoring and Managing your IT infrastructure

  • Have you taken a proactive approach to monitoring and managing your IT Infrastructure so that users have high levels of security and availability?

Help Desk

  • Today’s users need and want 24 x 7 x 365 access but meeting that service level with your own staff requires a huge payroll or leaves you with an overworked, understaffed, about to burn out IT team. Should outsourcing helpdesk before the end of the year be a priority for you?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Data loss or data corruption can result in irreparable damage to your reputation, customer retention, business productivity and serious financial consequences.  Your backup strategy is one of the most critical components in protecting your business against data theft, data loss, data corruption and malicious activity. Beyond back up, there is a point for every company or organization at which downtime will have a serious negative business and financial impact.  The key to designing an effective Disaster Recovery Plan is to determine your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) that both protects your business and fits your budget.


  • Security is one of the top priorities these days. There was a time when hackers and other threat actors almost exclusively focused their attention on major corporations.  Times have changed and smaller businesses are easier and more frequent targets.  Today, every business and every individual needs to be concerned about cyber security.  Data theft and data corruption can devastate a business of any size.

Can you measure your results for the year so far? How do they stack up against your goals?

  • Proactive network monitoring and management as a service may prevent things from going awry before users are impacted. Reporting from this service will allow you to quantify the problems you have avoided.
  • Helpdesk tickets are a great way to analyze how long resolution takes and the types of problems that have been corrected. If analyzed, the data can also help to identify and remediate recurring issues among your users.
  • Establishing a clear RTO and RPO is the first step to implementing a successful disaster recovery plan. A plan that allows for periodic testing will let you know if you can achieve those objectives.  Getting hit by ransomware or malware is something to avoid but when it does happen, a sound backup plan will achieve the measured time to recovery that you have established.

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