I like working with small and mid-sized businesses. From an Information Technology point of view, it’s a lot of fun. It provides challenges, that when addressed, can have an immediate impact the whole company often benefits from. There are times, however, that a client will question the need for data protection. They know their data is valuable but question the likelihood of it being compromised. The reality is the latest exploits are agnostic to your company size, revenue, location or industry.

The linked article quotes Duane Dunston, cyber security teacher at Champlain College, “It’s not really clear because many organizations may not report it,” noting that it is sometimes easier to pay the ransom (as in the case of the store linked in the article). Aside from ease of moving forward, there are other reasons companies might just want to pay and move on. Customer confidence is one reason. It would undoubtedly worry your clients if their data has been potentially compromised. So, if your data contains customer information this can lead to more than inconvenience and business delays.

We hope that you are never affected by ransomware. We also hope that you invite us to review options to protect your data. Regardless of allowing us to assist you, or if you choose another company, or go it alone, please remember the following:

  • Remember you are never too small to be targeted. Today’s threats put everyone at risk.
  • Train your end users on possible email threats, such as attachments that can install ransomware payloads.
  • Keep your systems patched.
  • Install Antivirus and keep it up to date.
  • Be aware of what your antivirus does, and more importantly does not, protect against. Ransomware protection has add-ons that you should be aware of.
  • Run regular backups. Have a method of ensuring that they complete successfully and keep them offsite and disconnected from the network as you don’t want those compromised as well.

Below is the linked is the article that caught my attention. Broadleaf welcomes a conversation regarding your specific concerns and needs.


Ty Cornwall