Broadleaf is proud to team up with iland to provide IaaS, DRaaS and Cloud backup solutions.


Broadleaf in partnership with iland can help design a disaster recovery service as a solution to meet custom needs. Broadleaf has the depth of experience in designing disaster recovery plans that when combined with iland’s leading platform makes for an excellent solution. With a VMware based infrastructure and data centers in the US, Europe and Singapore, iland has the infrastructure available to provide DRaaS that delivers very aggressive recovery times at an attractive price point.

The customer has the ability to conduct multiple test restores to ensure their Recovery Time SLAs are met. The platform provides complete visibility as if it were your own data center- you have control of testing and initiating a failover and access to lots of reporting that provides the needed details. Security and compliance is all taken into account for a failover using best of breed security practices. The solution is known for the flexibility of network options. The design can accommodate secure VPN, integrate MPLS, support multiple locations and support full or partial failovers.

Cloud Backup – iland cloud backup using Veeam Cloud Connect

Securely, reliably store your VMware and Hyper-V backups in the cloud – using Veeam Cloud Connect and a global iland cloud location.


You may be looking at Cloud to scale with your business, to stop buying expensive hardware or to get out of the business of managing a data center all together. Iland is a global enterprise class cloud environment that is fully compatible with your own VMware platform. Customers use the cloud to support their production, test and development work loads. You’re given a pool of resources-memory, compute and storage – which you can allocate to each virtual machine. Rather than paying per instance – and under-utilizing most instances – you can actively manage your VMs while they are running, redirecting excess resources towards better uses. By buying by the GHZ, rather than a non-standard vCPU, you can be certain of the power you’re getting. Your pool is yours to configure – so make the most of your cloud.

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