NetApp offers a unified storage architecture- a single platform for diverse applications and workloads- providing customers with an efficient and flexible infrastructure.  Data ONTAP, the NetApp core operating architecture, is utilized for all storage protocols: fibre channel, IP SAN (iSCSI) and NAS (NFS, CIFS) allowing for one virtualized storage pool for Unix, Windows and Linux.

Key NetApp benefits that Broadleaf finds valuable for their customers:

  1. Unified storage platform- one OS for diverse applications and workloads
  2. RAID DP (Diagonal Parity)- a proprietary form of RAID 6 that allows for two sets of parity in your RAID array
  3. Data deduplication and data compression as  fundamental components of Data ONTAP
  4. Space Efficient Snapshots that reduce storage space needs
  5. Built in replication capabilities for disaster recovery- using SnapMirror ,SnapManager and SnapVault

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