Kittery Trading Post, an outdoor tradition since 1938, is a 90,000 square feet retail outdoor specialty sports operation offering quality customer service, exceptional selection and fair, competitive prices.

“Kittery Trading Post initially began working with Broadleaf on specific IT projects. The Broadleaf team is extremely helpful, patient and thorough in getting projects accomplished. We think of Broadleaf as a partner rather than a provider. I am a hands- on IT person. There are some aspects of the work I like to do myself and Broadleaf helps me in the areas where I need it. They do what I can’t do and always explain the “whats” and “whys.”

One specific incident where Broadleaf went above and beyond was when there was a bug in our SAN firmware. The SAN stopped functioning and Broadleaf did the research for me to uncover the problem and helped me apply the proper patch for the firmware fix.  Broadleaf had provided excellent documentation on a previous VMware project that gave me all of the knowledge I needed to restart everything when the firmware was fixed.

After having a successful experience with project management engagements, it was an easy decision to move forward with Broadleaf’s managed services. Specifically, Broadleaf’s Remote Monitoring and Management service helps us make sure things are running smoothly and that things such as patching get done in a timely fashion.  Kittery Trading Post is only closed two days per year. There is a narrow window for us to get any patching done and Broadleaf’s Network Operations Center makes sure it gets done after hours to meet our needs.  We also rely on Broadleaf for our offsite backup service. It is extremely valuable and has enabled us to recover quickly on several occasions when there was an issue with our onsite copy of the data.

Broadleaf has always been there to provide the help we need. They go above and beyond the client/vendor relationship thus I think of Broadleaf as a partner.”

~ Kurt Freitag, MIS, Kittery Trading Post

Kittery Trading Post