Clouds are hardware-based services offering compute, network and storage capacity where: hardware management is highly abstracted from users; users incur infrastructure costs as variable operating expenses, and infrastructure capacity is highly elastic. There are many enabling technologies for a cloud platform including: virtual machines, virtual storage and web services. Clouds may be private, public or a hybrid of both public and private.

For many, the business model of the cloud allows organizations to:

  • Cut costs and implement green initiatives
  • Eliminate large upfront expenses for new hardware and software
  • Employ disaster recovery and business continuity  policies company-wide
  • Eliminate the additional resources, burden and cost associated with ongoing system management

Some possible use cases for the cloud:

  • Initial use for backup and disaster protection
  • Initial use for purchase of SaaS
  • Move some less critical applications and data to a combination of public and private cloud
  • Longer term- move more critical applications to private cloud

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