Does your storage meet your needs for performance, reliability, flexibility and ease of management?

Historically, data has typically been stored on disks inside a server, which meant, accessibility to that data was only as reliable and expandable as the servers it was on. If a motherboard failed, the data was inaccessible even though the disks might have been fine. Luckily, Storage-area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) devices pool the storage out of the server, increasing reliability, flexibility and ease of management.

Different storage solutions and different designs of specific storage solutions are best suited to different needs. Letting Broadleaf evaluate your environment, needs, and goals is the first step in determining what storage solution will be best for your organization, and towards restoring your peace of mind.

Contact a storage expert to discus the following:

  • Will the use case be for primary storage, data protection on or offsite, or archiving?
  • What is your expected growth rate? How flexible is the storage solution before a forklift upgrade is required?
  • Do you require fibre channel, iSCSI, or NAS or do you need a unified platform that can provide all options?
  • Where do you want the data storage to reside- headquarters, dispersed among several regional or branch offices, data center, public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid?
  • What features are important for your needs- do you need features such as space efficient snapshot capabilities with recovery options and built in replication?
  • Is deduplication important to you for space efficiency especially for VMs?
  • What types of applications will be using the data? Are priorities more about dense space or performance I/Os?
  • Do you have performance hungry applications that may require solid state flash storage?